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Unable to Reach a Mutual Marriage Termination Agreement? We Can Help

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In most cases, spouses who are divorcing are unable to agree on at least one major issue necessary for the termination of the marriage. When a marriage is contested, even under legal counsel, the court will be required to adjudicate the disputed issue(s).

If you and your spouse cannot reach a mutual agreement on issues such as property division, asset distribution, debt allocation, child custody, child support, alimony, and similar issues, Whiteman, Burdette & Babineau, is available to provide the competent legal representation necessary to help and guide you through the divorce process.

When Your Spouse Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers

What do you do when your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers? Spouses frequently refuse to sign divorce papers after you have filed for the divorce and have had him/her served. If you have specified grounds for the divorce based on your spouse’s actions or are making accusations, it is likely that the spouse will refuse to sign. An alternate is to file a no-fault divorce, which does not specify any reason for the divorce other than irreconcilable differences.

Divorce by Mediation, Default, and Abandonment

Mediation may be an option when one spouse believes that the terms of the divorce are unfair. An impartial professional mediator may be able to resolve the issues at hand, leaving the only step left being that of notifying the judge of the terms that have been reached. If your spouse refuses to respond to scheduled divorce hearings and attempts at negotiation have come to a standstill, a divorce by default may be declared. The spouse’s absence is viewed as agreement to the original divorce terms. A divorce may be granted without a hearing when all attempts to locate, contact, and notify the spouse have failed, by reason of abandonment.

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