Fairmont Wrongful Death Attorneys

Losing a family member is a tragic event, no matter the circumstances. Surviving family members can be further devastated by a wrongful death caused by someone else.

A wrongful death is when a person, company or municipality commits a careless, negligent or reckless act resulting in a person’s death.

No amount of compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit can bring back a loved one or ease the pain caused by that loss. No family should be responsible for the costs that come from that death that is the result of a person’s wrongful actions.

Successful wrongful death lawsuits find guilty parties responsible and encourage them to change their ways to keep it from happening again.

The law firm of Whiteman Burdette, PLLC, in Fairmont, West Virginia, represents grieving families in sensitive wrongful death lawsuits that require careful handling.

The Resources And Experience To Achieve Justice

If you have a wrongful death claim that is the result of a car accident, other personal injury accident or medical malpractice, we begin with an independent, in-depth investigation to identify responsible parties and to determine the specific cause of death.

Our Fairmont wrongful death attorneys have experience building winning cases and possess the skills needed to argue your case in court, if needed. These types of lawsuits require significant resources and rely on testimony from medical experts and other professionals.

If a member of your family was involved in a fatal accident caused by another’s negligence, contact us as soon as possible. Our lawyers will examine the facts of your case during a free consultation and recommend what is best for you.

We represent with residents of Fairmont, Morgantown and cities and towns throughout North Central West Virginia.